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April 2016
April 2016
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Applause! is the monthly recognition of significant achievements and contributions by staff, students and community partners at a York Region District School Board Public Board Meeting.
Recognition of achievements is based on alignment with the organizational goals outlined by the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan in combination with the criteria set out in Staff Awards and Student Awards policies.

Historica Canada How We Remember Contest Winner

Historica Canada How We Remember Contest Winner
How We Remember is Historica Canada’s educational campaign on the First and Second Worlds Wars. The contest challenges students to create a visual or written piece around the theme of remembrance of either the First or Second World War. Students must reflect on how the past has been commemorated and use their creative skills to create an original work centred on these themes.
Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School student, Simon Lee, won first place in the Senior category. Simon’s work, Halifax Explosion Screenplay, was set in 1917-18 and focused on the actions and emotions of people affected during the war in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Simon’s entry was picked by a contest jury who reviewed entries from across Canada submitted by Grades 4-12 students.

Human Rights Education Awards

Human Rights Education Awards
On December 4, 2015, the 10th annual International Human Rights Day celebration organized by the Toronto Chapter of Youth for Human Rights.
Cedarwood Public School vice-principal, Padmini Padiachy was the recipient of a Human Rights Education Award. She was one of three community leaders who received the award for her dedication to bringing life to human rights and supporting the historic document of the Universal Declaration created by the United Nations General Assembly.
Padmini accepted the award in the presence of Cedarwood PS staff students who traveled to the Science Centre and performed during the celebrations. They were accompanied by school council parents and students from nearby schools.

North Star - March

North Star - March
Langstaff Secondary School teacher Carole LeClerc is March’s North Star recipient. Below is an excerpt of the nominations submitted by her colleagues Sofia Papadatos, Suzanne McWhinnie, Sharon Romero, Yvonne Dufault and Alice Kao.
She has been an integral team member of the Moderns Department at Langstaff SS by collaborating, mentoring and sharing her expertise with all, especially with teachers new to the profession.
As a teacher supervisor for the "Reach for the Top" Club at our school, this is the motto by which Carole leads and for which she has become a shining example to students, teachers and the community at large.
At the wider 'whole school level, Carole Leclerc is quickly identified as a top 'go-to' person for anyone with technology literacy questions…Ms Leclerc willingly shares her thorough knowledge of the curriculum across a vast expanse of subjects and grade levels.  She also is an extremely fine role model of technological literacy and assessment practices for all three generations currently teaching in our school.
I have never met a professional who provides the level of insight and peer support in a Moderns department that she provides. Her support of peers goes far beyond our school. She has been very involved in assisting ushering in the new curriculum for the entire York Region District School Board system.

North Star - April

April’s North Star recipient is Stella Moyal who teaches at Rosedale Heights Public School. Below is an excerpt of the nomination submitted by her colleague Christina Walls.
I met Stella in April 2013 when I began my first LTO at Rosedale.  She has been my grade partner for the past 3 schoolNorth Star - April years…Stella is the kind of person every student and teacher, experienced or not, needs in their life. 
During my few years working with Stella, I have watched her support and help teacher after teacher, both new and experienced.  She has mentored several NTIP teachers, both formally and informally.  If you ask anyone she has mentored, they will tell you she is amazing…She volunteers in many areas of school life, steps up when others don’t and intuitively knows when others are in need.  She will offer and do whatever she can to help others…she will never turn away a colleague who has a question, is having a bad day or needs help. 
I know she doesn’t believe it, but she has made more of a difference in both my professional practice as a teacher, and in my personal life than she will ever know.
She works every day to be a better teacher, to modify what she is doing to better reach every child and I am a better person and a better teacher because of her. 


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