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December 2015
December 2015
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Applause! is the monthly recognition of significant achievements and contributions by staff, students and community partners at a York Region District School Board Public Board Meeting.
Recognition of achievements is based on alignment with the organizational goals outlined by the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan in combination with the criteria set out in Staff Awards and Student Awards policies.

Artonomy Project

ArtonomyThe Quest Artonomy Project is an inquiry arts project that takes on a different form and purpose every year.  This year's Artonomy Project involved teams of visual arts students, computer programming students and robotics engineering students from eleven different secondary schools.  Responding to the theme of Mental Health, students met ahead of the Quest Conference to coordinate the design of the project and its components in preparation for the first two days of Quest. During the conference, students worked to put the pieces together and share their thinking with participants. A video showcasing the project is available on the Quest webpage. Special thanks to the Arts Team and Learning Design & Development Team for live streaming the project and putting the video together.

The Artonomy Project was made possible by the dedication of Shane Clodd, Visual Arts Department Head from Unionville High School and Joanna Bull, a teacher from Richmond Green Secondary School, who have been involved in the project for the past three years. Each year they have built on the idea and made it more complex with their students. In addition, the work they have done at Quest has greatly influenced their work in their schools, benefiting kids throughout our system through partnerships with local libraries and museums.

This year’s Artonomy Project will be housed at the Markham Public Library, Cornell Branch.

2015 Educational Leader of the Year Award

2015 Educational Leader of the YearKelli Cote, Principal of Ramer Wood Public School was recently recognized by the Ontario Council for Exceptional Children as 2015’s Educational Leader of the Year. To win, individuals must be in a leadership, consultative or supervisory capacity, and have made a significant contribution to exceptional children and youth.
Kelli has been an educator with the York Region District School Board for over 20 years. She has taught primary, junior and intermediate students and has a passion for special education. In addition to her role as a Principal, Kelli is also a board member for the Learning Disabilities Association in York Region, a member of the Learning Disabilities Steering Committee for the York Region District School Board, and a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario’s LD@school Advisory Committee. Kelli also teaches the Special Education for Administrators course offered through the Ontario Principals’ Council.

North Star

North Star - Sheri GillespieMarkham Gateway Public School teacher Sheri Gillespie is December’s North Star. Below is the nomination sent by her colleague Michelle Sanders:

She is inspiring and motivational to the other teachers here on staff.  She is the lead teacher in our ASD (autism) classroom and works with a wide variety of staff, EA's, CYW's, etc, as well as with parents and community members daily.  She the job with grace under pressure, and she is also the head of our school Social Committee.  This summer, she took the time to set up the staffroom for staff with flowers in vases, as well as motivational sayings in frames which she set out on each and every lunch table.  She never told anyone it was her and wasn't looking for recognition, only to help lift the staff up and to inspire them to be the best they can be.  Since starting at our school two years ago she has planned social outings, BBQ's and events and has been a positive driving force which has brought our staff together and helped to unify them with one another and with our Administration.  No one deserves this award more than her.  The best part about her winning it would be that she would never ever in a million years consider that her actions have had such an impact that she would be nominated.

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