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June 2015
June 2015
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Applause! is the monthly recognition of significant achievements and contributions by staff, students and community partners at a York Region District School Board Public Board Meeting.
Recognition of achievements is based on alignment with the organizational goals outlined by the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan in combination with the criteria set out in Staff Awards and Student Awards policies.

Rising Hockey Star Wins Gold at World Junior Championships, Named OHL Most Outstanding Player

Rising Hockey StarGrade 12 student at Sir William Mulock Secondary School, Connor McDavid is a rising star in the hockey world.  Recently named the Ontario Hockey League’s Most Outstanding Player, Connor is currently the captain of the Erie Otters Hockey Club and is widely expected to be selected first overall in the NHL draft. Connor has been a member of the Canadian Junior Hockey Team for the past two seasons, and was an assistant captain of the 2015 Canadian Junior Team which recently won gold at the World Junior Championships in Toronto. 

Despite an incredibly busy schedule, both on and off the ice, Connor is a dedicated student who has maintained consistently high marks throughout his high school career. He is both an honour roll student and the most decorated player in OHL history. Those that know him are quick to point out that he is also an amazing person with strong character who is passionate, dedicated and driven in all that he does.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Students Promote Positive Mental Health

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Students Promote Positive Mental HealthA group of seven female students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School applied for and were successful in earning a “Dare to Dream Grant.” This $5000 grant was awarded by the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health and is meant to help students and staff connect, and promote positive mental health. All of the students involved have come a long way – from being very much at-risk, to leaders in their school. They have become role models for facing risk and developing resiliency.
Throughout the year the group has planned events to help reduce stress and promote positive mental health. Some of these events have included Safetalk training for students, presentations from the Women’s Support Network, SafePartying workshop, Student / York Region Police dialogue, a mock trial to support a better understanding of healthy relationships, and  student / teacher dialogue to promote positive relationships between students and staff. The students are incredible examples of young people promoting the board’s mental health strategy. They are a bridge between staff knowledge and effective implementation of the strategies with the most vulnerable students.
Group members: Marti Heersink, Chanell Adams, Seairra Grant, Sharece Ashmeade-Asphealt , Aliyah Lindo-Coy, and Lauren Atkin.

Lester B. Pearson Students Compete at Global Innovation Conference

Lester B. Pearson Students Compete at Global Innovation ConferenceA group of Lester B. Pearson Public School students have designed an app that can teach people who are visually impaired to read Braille.

35 million people worldwide are blind. Only 10% can read Braille - a crisis in literacy. Learning software for the blind sorely lags behind mainstream. Millions of sighted kids enjoy LeapFrog and Disney Programs. We want to adapt these systems to an audio version for the blind to teach the Braille alphabet. We've been working on our software application and Braille simulator prototype since September. We want to offer blind children an "entertainment learning experience" that features the fundamentals of learning: "Repetition, Reward and Fun".
In April, the team “Classy Cyborgs” took their app to the Global Innovation Conference in St. Louis. The only Canadian Team, they were one of 20 finalists out of 547 global entries.  Hosted by the FIRST Lego League which promotes science and technology, the conference allowed the team to learn from students, educators and industry partners from around the world. With their app, the Classy Cyborgs have worked to fill a gap in the market place and develop something that opens up opportunities to the blind community. The innovative group is being mentored by NASA scientist Ayanna Howard, also a robotics professor at Georgia Tech. They have also partnered with CNIB, Perkins, York University, and VentureLab. They are currently trying to raise capital to get their prototype to market.  To learn more, follow @ClassyCyborgs on Twitter.
Staff/Parent Advisors: Arin Otis, Lisa Andrade, Tony Maier, Elizabeth Reed and Victoria Cantwell.
Student members: Logan Maier, James Andrade, Isabel Neufeld, Disha Prashar, Rhys Binnie, Jenna Pezzack, Sean Lloyd, Sebastian Villate, Vera Cotturo and Sammy Emamian.

North Star

North Star - Coledale Public School teacher Katherine PamenterColedale Public School teacher Katherine Pamenter is June’s North Star. Below is the nomination sent by her colleague Eunice Lui:

Katherine Pamenter is the teacher that will be the first to welcome new staff members, show them around and check in on them throughout the year. At the beginning of this year, she not only welcomed me to Coledale Public School, but also has mentored two teaching partners (both new to teaching). She shared her knowledge and experience generously, often staying late to plan so that they are prepared for the next day.  She is dedicated to personal health (students and staff) and organized the run/walk club for staff and students, "the big crunch," healthy eating initiatives, and the Markham Stouffville run to give back to the local community/hospital. She is dedicated to her students and makes sure that it is equitable - that all parents and students have access to what she is teaching, going out of her way to secure translators for the ESL parents in her class. Her passion is infectious. Finally, Katherine always listens and gives advice unselfishly. She will take what you have to say, reflect on it, and give a fair response/help problem solve. She is a peacekeeper and also a booster of morale - demonstrated in the conversation she has with fellow colleagues and administration.


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