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May 2016
May 2016

The Learning Partnership’s Welcome to Kindergarten Award for Partnership Excellence Recipient
The Learning Partnership created the Welcome to Kindergarten (WTK) Awards for Partnership Excellence to honour individuals, agencies or school teams who demonstrate greatness in community or school collaboration; in the Welcome to Kindergarten™ program planning and implementation; and, in providing support to young children and families within their school communities.
Sandy Giles, Elementary Teacher Literacy Coordinator, is one of six winners chosen from across Canada. Sandy was awarded this honour based on her work to promote the WTK program among elementary school administrators and school teams, resulting in full participation of all elementary schools with Kindergarten programs across our school district. Sandy created Welcome to Kindergarten Station Signs, linking the items found in the WTK bags, the FDK Curriculum and play based inquiry learning, which the Learning Partnership has shared across the province.
Sandy has also worked collaboratively with a team of early years consultants and educators to create two additional resources for school teams to support a successful transition to school.

Ministry of Natural Resources Contest Winner
Richmond Hill High School student Howyn Tang was recognized as the grand prize winner of the 13th annual Kids’ Fish Art Contest.  The annual contest, held by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, encourages Grades 4-12 students to show off their artistic talents while learning about the province’s native fish and their habitats.
Tang’s colour pencil drawing, featuring a Brown Bullhead underwater, was awarded both the Grades 10-12 category winner, as well as the Grand Prize at the 2016 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show in mid-March.
Tang’s artwork will appear on Ontario’s young anglers’ licences and advances to an international competition.

North Star

Clearmeadow Public School’s Sarah Horner is the May North Star recipient.
Below is an excerpt of the nomination submitted by her colleagues Jeff Toogood and Jenn Campbell.
Sarah doesn’t believe that teachers should wait until they are experts in technology, she encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, to be willing to learn alongside our students to model perseverance and risk taking. Sarah’s understanding of the modern learner has helped to foster the professional development of staff to become modern educators.  She has assisted in the implementation of many new initiatives including an iPad inquiry group for staff, Google docs, and Google classroom; and she provides workshops and constant technical support.
Sarah has students and staff joining her to discuss books, either in person or on her on-line blogs…We are extremely fortunate to be the recipients of her new found resources and ideas…She brings staff together by engaging in professional dialogue and organizing social activities. 
Sarah continues to have a profound impact on the Clearmeadow PS learning community, to which we are thankful.
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