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October 2014
October 2014
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Applause! is the monthly recognition of significant achievements and contributions by staff, students and community partners at a York Region District School Board Public Board Meeting.
Recognition of achievements is based on alignment with the organizational goals outlined by the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan in combination with the criteria set out in Staff Awards and Student Awards policies.

Track and Field Gold Medallist

Huron Heights Secondary School student Robert Pipitone attended the Four Corners Qualifying Track and Field Meet at York University with his teacher Mrs. Vadsaria.  Four Corners is an initiative of Special Olympics Ontario. It is designed for high school students with intellectual disabilities, giving them a chance to train and compete in four different sports - bocce, basketball, soccer and track and field.
After attending the regional qualifying meet, Robert advanced to the Provincial School Championships, held here in York Region. York Regional Police chose Robert to be the athlete who lights the torch during the opening ceremonies. In track and field, over 50 schools from across Ontario participated with 500 athletes in the competition, Robert won four gold medals in the following events; 100m, 200m, shot put and standing long jump.
To prepare for the games, Robert trained with the Huron Heights Track and Field Team under coach Mr. Bone. In addition, Robert trained with Special Olympics Ontario - Newmarket and District. Through his participation, Robert went to the 2013 Summer Provincial Games and on to the 2014 National Summer Games.  At the National Summer Games, Robert earned two gold medals and two silver medals.  Robert is most proud of his 100 m gold medal. He won the race in 11.52 sec. 
Robert has been invited to attend the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles, California in 2015.

Glad Park Public School has Big Hearts!

Glad Park Public School is the recipient of a Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Heart Award. Glad Park PS has won the award for their
fundraising efforts towards the Jump Rope for Heart program this past spring. The event, which raised $11,661, was the highest school fundraiser for this program in all of the schools in the YRDSB. Leading up to the event, students raised funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation through personal donor donations and promoted physical activity.
Glad Park PS staff and students have participated in the Jump Rope for Heart program for almost a decade. These funds will support the Foundation in research to free Canadians of heart disease and stroke. They will also go towards giving back to the school community with heart healthy presentations, curriculum materials and resources.


North Star

Mount Joy Public School teacher Heather Horsley is October’s North Star recipient. Heather was nominated for this award by her colleague Lisa Liu:
Heather is the librarian and one of the literacy leads at our school. I'm nominating Heather because of how she makes people feel. She is so approachable and makes you feel at ease when she comes in to co-plan, co-teach or co-debrief with your team.
She is highly knowledgeable but so humble which is part of why she is so effective at what she does. It's also why so many teachers, many who may initially be reluctant, invite Heather into their classroom. She always has a smile on her face and a helpful suggestion. To top it off, she's pretty funny too!
This year, I have started a leadership position in my school which is outside of my comfort zone. She has been a mentor in helping me realize my own potential as a leader, and an ear for me to voice my concerns about this new role. She is simply excellent.
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