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Building Knowledge and Capacity
Building Knowledge and Capacity


Building Knowledge and Capacity involves connecting current research and practice regarding the developmental nature of mathematics in a Comprehensive Math Program. Valuing ​YRDSB learning as research enables educators to build capacity as change agents in the math classroom.​


System Actions

  • Build a collective understanding of a Comprehensive Math Program and make connections among the compone​nts (Environment, Learners, and Learning) through professional conversations and the development of professional learning opportunities

  • Learn with and from researchers and educators to support ongoing strategic planning, implementation and monitoring of the Math Strategy

  • Investigate diverse and emerging resources about learning and teaching mathematics and communicate this learning using the BWW math page Research and Learning

  • Design and provide additional qualification (AQ) courses rich in math content, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

  • Explore and integrate the innovative use of emerging technologies and digital learnin​g resources to enhance and transform teaching practices and student learning experiences

  • Support Administrators, Regional Math Leaders, School Math Representatives, and Math Subject Heads in math learning and leading
​​​​​ ​​​

School Actions

  • Explore the Instructional Core within a Comprehensive Math Program through professional conversations, school improvement planning and co-learning opportunities

  • Review BWW math page Research​ and Learning to build capacity

  • Engage in co-learning regarding the developmental nature of mathematics

  • Explore diverse resources, including Ministry resources at EduGAINS and LearnTeachLead 

  • Participate in Ministry of Education learning opportunities

  • Identify teachers to support staff learning in the area of mathematics


Classroom Actions

  • Apply new learning into program planning and practice to enhance student learn​ing experiences and outcomes (e.g., a Comprehensive Math Program​)

  • Identify, learn about and implement research-based instructional and assessment strategies found on the BWW math page Research and Learning to support student learning

  • Integrate the innovative use of emerging technologies and digital learning resources to enhance and transform student learning experiences

  • Develop mathematical understanding through research (e.g., growth mindset, pedagogical math content)


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