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Building Knowledge and Capacity
Building Knowledge and Capacity

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Building Knowledge and Capacity involves connecting research and practice to build capacity and develop an understanding of the interrelationships among deep learning, skills and mindsets to support all learners as engaged and caring citizens of the world.


System Actions

  • Build a collective understanding of the Modern Learning Frame and make connections among the specific components through professional conversations and the development of professional learning opportunities

  • Learn with and from researchers and educators to support ongoing strategic planning, implementation and monitoring of the Modern Learning Strategy

  • Investigate, communicate and provide access to diverse and emerging resources to support modern learning

  • Identify and nurture the development of innovative practices to build system capacity (e.g., School-Based Collaborative Learning Projects)

  • Create and support educational networki​ng strategies that connect research, resources and practical tools

  • Support system and school leaders and Modern Learning Representative Team Members to build capacity for modern learning approaches 
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School Actions

  • Build a collective und​erstanding of the Modern Learning Framand make connections among the specific components through professional conversations, school improvement planning and co-learning opportunities

  • Review modern learning research and resources



Classroom Actions

  • Develop approaches to support student learning based on research and resources linked to the Modern Learning Frame​

  • Identify, learn about and implement research-based instructional and assessment strategies





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