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Collaborative Learning Communities
Collaborative Learning Communities
 Collaborative Learning Communities
Collaborative Learning Communities build, support and value partnerships among students, educators, families and communities within dynamic and flexible learning environments. Learners in collaborative communities embrace challenges, creativity and problem solving with a commitment and responsibility for contributing to the shared learning of all members of the learning community. 


System Actions

  • Model collaborative learning (e.g., collaborative inquiry approach)

  • Support dynamic, collaborative learning across schools and CECs

  • Support a Student Trustee Innovation grant and proposal system to directly support student innovation projects

  • Explore and foster external partnerships in support of student innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Create, model and support educational social networking by building online and face-to-face professional learning communities



​​​​​ ​​​

School Actions




Classroom Actions

  • Create classroom-based collaborative learning communities in which safety, risk taking, innovation and shared ownership for learning are central

  • Co-learn with students

  • Make connections beyond the classroom to engage students in local and global issues through working with other educators and community organizations

  • Use technology-enabled learning to support collaboration and communication as well as local and global, environmental and digital citizenship







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