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Developing Mentally Healthy Environments
Developing Mentally Healthy Environments

Developing Mentally Healthy Environments involves proactive and responsive approaches to create and sustain the conditions for optimal mental health.


System Actions

  • ​Align YRDSB mental health and addiction initiatives guided by the Ministry’s Ontario's Well-being Strategy for Education and Lead​ing Mentally Healthy Schools 

  • Review and refine assessment tool(s) to examine the mental health of learning environments in the district

  • Develop the Fostering Inclusive, Mentally Healthy Learning Environments​ resource for schools to examine their practices, processes, resources and spaces to support them in building and sustaining safe, inclusive, and welcoming environments

  • Review recommendations derived from the the Resiliency Project and integrate appropriate recommendations into the Mental Health strategy

  • Pilot public health model for school-based partnerships and evaluate for impact and scalability


​​​​​ ​​​

School Actions

  • Create working and learning environments that are responsive to supporting students at all points across thMental Health and Addiction Continuums as well as the t​iered model of support​
  • Use Fostering Inclusive, Mentally Healthy Learning Environments​ resource to examine school spaces for their impact on student well-being to enable safer and more inclusive spaces
  • Implement, monitor, and refine practices to support bullying ​prevention

Classroom Actions

  • Implement, monitor, and refine actions from Fostering Inclusive, Mentally Healthy Learning Environments​ that build and sustain a safe, inclusive, welcoming classroom environment for all students
  • Use YRDSB curriculum resources​ designed to support resiliency development in students
  • Promote and model digital citizenship with students, families and community to support bullyin​g prevention
  • Recognize and respond to the mental health needs of all students using early recognition and classroom strategies as described in Supporting Minds: An Educator’s Guide to Promoting Students' Mental Health and Well-being



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