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Reducing Stigma
Reducing Stigma

Reducing Stigma
Reducing Stigma involves broadening collective awareness about mental health and addiction, and challenging existing attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours.



System Actions

  • Design and implement a district-wide Stigma Reduction Plan



​​​​​ ​​​

School Actions

  • Collaborate with students, families, staff members and community partners to plan, implement and model strategies that increase awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health and addiction

  • Implement actions from the Fostering Inclusive, Mentally Healthy Learning Environments​ resource that build and sustain a stigma-free environment

  • Ensure interdepartmental communication and coordination for a comprehensive approach to stigma reduction



Classroom Actions

  • Implement the strategies in the Fostering Inclusive, Mentally Healthy Learning Environments​​  resource that build and sustain a stigma-free classroom

  • Use district-approved stigma reduc​tion resources designed for the classroom

  • Engage students in learning about how stigma can hurt all people especially those struggling with mental health and addiction difficulties




​                                                          Actions

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