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Board Strategies
Board Strategies

The Board has developed several strategies aligned with system priorities and goals.  These priorities and goals are outlined in the Trustees’ Multi-Year Strategic Plan and the Director’s Action Plan. 

Our strategies will help inform and guide work at the classroom, school, department and system level. 


Indigenous Education and Equity iconIndigenous ​Education and Equity

modern learning icon

Modern​ Learning 

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mental health icon

Mental Health​

icon for Staff Mental Health Strategy
Staff Well-Being and Mental Health

Indigenous Education and Equity Strategy provides direction to foster the development of high levels of critical consciousness and transformative practice that fulfill the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action (PDF), foster accessible and equitable schools and classrooms, and improve outcomes for all students.

The Leadership Strategy focuses on the changing role of all leaders throughout the district in promoting and mobilizing professional practices. It complements the Ontario Leadership Framework and communicates to school and department leaders a clear understanding of actions that support ethical leadership.

The Mathematics Strategy provides direction to support students in becoming confident problem solvers who use mathematical knowledge, skills and processes essential for participation in a changing society. 

The Mental Health and Addiction Strategy provides direction to foster optimal mental health and well-being.

The Modern Learning Strategy provides direction to engage students in authentic, relevant and deep learning that enables them to create, connect, communicate and share their learning with the world and to be future ready.

The Staff Well-Being and Mental Health Strategy guides us in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce that ultimately supports student success.  Staff well-being involves supporting staff members to maintain a balance between physical, cognitive, emotional and social resources and challenges. ​

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