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Arts Project
Arts Project

Calling all Artists​

Use your talents to create works
inspired by WWI.

All students are invited to participate in this
WWI arts inquiry.

World War One soldiers at battle
  • Use the theme ‘Voices from the War’ for your artwork and research to explore various people and issues from WWI (i.e. connections to families and identities, equity issues, peace).
  • Submissions can be from any arts discipline.
  • Connect with the YRDSB Museum and Archives​, as well as your local museum and archive organizations for support in this project. 

Culminating Events 

  • A student seminar on topics arising from the submissions at the YRDSB Quest Student Conference in 2016. 
  • A showcase event featuring a regional selection of the submissions. 
  • Local school debates, displays and performances.  


Proposals for artworks or performances, in any discipline, are due by November 30, 2015. The final pieces need to be ready for April, 2016. A jury will make selections for the showcase events in the late spring.

For additional details and submission information, please contact your principal or art teacher. 
*Image from The Children's Story of the War book. YRDSB Museum and Archives collection​
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