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Reception Centre
Reception Centre
Please Note: The Reception Centre has moved and is now located at:
Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning
36 Regatta Ave,
Richmond Hill, ON L4E 4R1

The Centre will be open in July & August from 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. (Mon-Fri)
For an appointment, please call: 905-918-0080 or 1-888-811-0229
The Reception Centre helps families and students complete the necessary steps to register for and to become part of their school community.
The services of the Reception Centre are available all year round. December to January, July to September are the busy months of the year for the Reception Centre . During these busy months, all clients are encouraged to book appointments as early as possible or at least three weeks before the school year begins to ensure that students can begin school on time.  Please note that your appointment may take between 2 -5 hours long. One parent/guardian or education designate must accompany the student to his or her appointment.
An assessment of each student’s English and Math capabilities will be conducted to facilitate placement, taking into account the grade appropriate for their age. Students will be placed in the school according to their address.
The Reception Centre will ensure the necessary documents and assessment results are sent to the school to facilitate a smooth transition for the student.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

All original documents must be presented

  • Student’s birth certificate establishing relationship to parent
  • Parent and student Canadian status document:
    • Passport
    • Canadian citizenship card
    • Permanent resident papers
    • Work permit
    • Study permit
    • Refugee claimant papers
  • Two documents showing proof of address:
    • Rental agreement and/or purchase agreement, and
    • One of the following:
      • Utility bill (e.g. Hydro, Gas, etc.)
      • Bank statement
  • Family living with relatives or friends must provide a letter of residency from the friend/relative, a property tax bill, and one utility bill in the name of the friend/relative
  • Official report cards/transcripts for the last two years
  • Letter of Acceptance from the YRDSB Admissions Officer when required

Our clients are:

  • Students new to Canada for less than 6 months
  • Students transferring to YRDSB from home schooling in Ontario
  • Students transferring to YRDSB from other boards in Ontario/other provinces with time-sensitive documents, e.g. work permits, refugee claimants
  • Returning students from outside Canada who has left Canada for more than 12 months
  • New international, fee-paying visa students entering elementary school, and referred by the Admission's Office or International Education

International VISA Students

Elementary Visa Students are asked to contact the Reception Centre at 905-918-0080 or 1-888-811-0229 to make an appointment once they have received their "Acceptance Letter" from the Admission's Office.
Secondary Visa Students are assessed and processed through International Education Services upon arrival and during the Orientation period.
Any questions pertaining to Visa/International Students should be directed to the Admission's Office at  
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