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Facility Partnerships
Facility Partnerships

The Board hosted a Community Planning and Partnerships (CPP) public meeting on September 20, 2018.

Community Planning and Partnership Public Meeting Presentation

Community Planning and Partnerships Public Meeting Minutes

 Eligible community partners as outlined in Board Policy #422, Facility Partnerships, may inquire regarding potential facility partnering with future schools on the capital priorities listing. The Board must be saved harmless with respect to the design and construction costs of the partnership, and all partnerships must:

  • protect the health and safety of students;
  • be of value to students and/or the community;
  • be appropriate for a school setting;
  • be compliant with local bylaws;
  • not compromise student achievement

List of Underutilized Schools

According to the Ministry's Community Planning and Partnership Guideline, all the following schools (Part A and Part B) meet the criteria of a utilization rate of 60% or lower or more than 200 pupil places available (excluding portables) from 2018 to 2022.

The schools identified in Part A below are potential facility partnership opportunities; however they are subject to a review to determine partner requirements and confirm suitability at these identified schools.

Even though the schools in Part B meet the partnership criteria, they are not available for potential facility partnership opportunities as they are required for planned student programming.

All submissions from eligible partners will be reviewed for suitability of the following, but not limited to building configuration, separate access being available or created where appropriate, suitable parking and access exists, space not required for other Board programming, and other conditions as determined by the Board.  For more details, see Board Policy 422, Facility Partnerships.

 Part A: Schools that Meet the Ministry's Facility Partnership Criteria



School Name​​

Georgina​ ​Elementary ​Lakeside PS



​Morning Glory PS



​Sutton DHS

​King ​Elementary ​Schomberg PS
Markham​ ​Elementary ​Cedarwood PS



​Thornlea SS



​J.L.R. Bell PS

Vaughan​ ​Elementary ​Brownridge PS
Vaughan​ ​Elementary ​Charlton PS

Vaughan ​


​Yorkhill ES​

Part B: Schools that Meet the Ministry's Facility Partnership Criteria and Not Eligible for Partnerships due to Planned Program Requirements



School Name​​

East Gwillimbury​ ​Elementary ​​Mount Albert PS
​Markham ​Elementary ​Wilclay PS

Richmond Hill


Langstaff SS


Underutilized schools are subject to change and are identified on an annual basis based on the Board's Capital Strategy.

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