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Drinking Water Sampling Program
Drinking Water Sampling Program

​Under Ontario Regulation 243/07 Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries are required to sample drinking water on an annual basis for lead. York Region District School Board samples water to test for lead at all school sites, and provides the results of this annual lead analysis to the public. 

The acceptable limit for lead in drinking water has always been 10 ppb (parts per billion). Recent changes, effective July 1, 2017, now require testing of additional drinking water sources in schools.

Individual school drinking water results are available from your local school.

Here are some key points regarding York Region District School Board’s drinking water sampling program.

  • Water tests are conducted annually by a contracted vendor.
  • We receive a report from an accredited lab with the results for each school and from the lab reports, we take immediate corrective action as required.
  • In schools where results exceed regulatory limits, we take corrective action, which may include increased flushing, or measures identified by public health.
  • All schools must meet regulatory requirements set by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for drinking water and our schools meet these requirements.
  • The Board works with public health to resolve any drinking water issues.
  • Our ongoing testing process continues to monitor our water quality.

Regulatory and Other Information

Please access the following links for more information on Ontario Regulation 243/07 and Lead in Drinking Water

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School Name:    

School Standing Sample Flushed Sample Corrective Action
Adrienne Clarkson P.S.PASSPASS 
Aldergrove P.S.PASSPASS 
Alexander Mackenzie H.S.PassPass 
Alexander Muir P.S.PASSPASS 
Anne Frank P.S.PASSPASS 
Armadale P.S.PASSPASS 
Armitage Village P.S.FAILFAILDaily Flushing, two consecutive resamples below 10 ppb, fixture reinstated
Ashton Meadows P.S.PASSPASS 
Aurora Grove P.S.PASSPASS 
Aurora H.S.FAILPASSDaily Flushing
Aurora Heights P.S.PASSPASS 
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