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Prequalified Contractors
Prequalified Contractors
TitleRevised Date
Architect Projects - Small11/19/2018
Architects New Schools11/19/2018
Architects Renos Additions - Large11/19/2018
Artifical Turf Projects5/26/2016
Asbestos Abatement Contractors - Category A6/4/2019
Asbestos Abatement Contractors - Category B6/5/2019
Asbestos Abatement Contractors - Category C6/5/2019
Concrete Contractors2/21/2017
Data Cabling-Category A3/14/2018
Data Cabling-Category B3/14/2018
Data Cabling-Category C3/14/2018
Electrical-Category A11/3/2017
Electrical-Category B11/3/2017
Electrical-Category C11/3/2017
Electrical-Category D11/3/2017
Electrical-Category E11/3/2017
Field Maintenance and Remediation - Large4/4/2017
Field Maintenance and Remediation - Medium4/4/2017
Field Maintenance and Remediation - Small4/4/2017
General Requirements4/29/2020
General-Category A5/18/2017
General-Category B1/3/2019
General-Category C5/23/2018
General-Category D5/23/2018
General-Category E5/23/2018
General-Category F2/24/2017
General-Category G8/23/2017
Grading and Drainage Projects - Large5/26/2016
Grading and Drainage Projects - Medium5/26/2016
Grading and Drainage Projects - Small5/26/2016
Landscaping Projects - Medium and Large5/26/2016
Landscaping Projects - Small5/26/2016
Mechanical-Category A4/3/2018
Mechanical-Category B4/3/2018
Mechanical-Category C4/4/2018
Mechanical-Category D4/4/2018
Mechanical-Category E4/4/2018
Paving Contractor-Category A10/6/2017
Paving Contractor-Category B10/6/2017
Re-Roofing Contractor-Category A-B1/3/2019
Re-Roofing Contractor-Category C-D1/3/2019
School Greening Projects - Medium and Large10/27/2016
School Greening Projects - Small10/27/2016
Security System-CCTV1/9/2019
Security Systems Verex and Europlex3/26/2018
Specialized Surfaces6/22/2018
Supplementary Conditions1/21/2020
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