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Application Process
Application Process

How to Apply?

  • Complete all sections of the YRDSB research application form. Do not write “See Attached” on the form in place of the information requested. Note that the application form is available to be completed in WORD format. An executive summary of the researcher’s proposal may be attached to the application to provide additional detail. This summary should not exceed 5 pages.
  • Ensure that your application is consistent with the External Research Review Committee Guidelines.
  • Complete the Use of Personal Information for Research Purposes form if personal information is to be collected.
  • Obtain approval from the supervisory authority of the sponsoring agency or institution (e.g., supervising professor, department chair or principal, where applicable).
  • Obtain ethics approval from a sponsoring agency or institution, where appropriate.
  • Submit by mail 10 paper copies and 1 electronic copy of the proposal sent to no later than the submission deadline for the time period within which the researcher wishes to begin collecting data. Researchers are strongly encouraged to send in their applications at least one week prior to the deadline to ensure that any missing materials are received in time for consideration by the External Research Review Committee.
  • Ensure that materials are organized into individual packages for distribution.
  • Send your submission to:

    Attention: External Research
    Research Services
    Centre for Leadership and Learning
    300 Harry Walker Parkway South
    Newmarket, ON
    L3Y 8E2
  • Direct questions to external.research@​

What Happens:

  • The proposal is considered by the External Research Review Committee.
  • Committee members make recommendations to the Director of Education, who makes final decisions about the approval, rejection or deferral of applications.
  • The applicant is notified in writing regarding the decision of the application.
  • If the study is approved, the principals of schools selected by applicants will be informed of the study by a member of the External Research Review Committee.
  • An application that is not approved may be resubmitted for the next review cycle if revised in accordance with feedback from the External Research Review Committee.

How are Schools Contacted?

When an application is approved, a member of the External Research Review Committee will make the initial contact with schools. The principal will be given a summary of the research project and the name of the researcher who will contact him or her to discuss whether the school will consider participating. The principal has the right to refuse. Once an application has been accepted by the principal, the researcher will advise the Chair of the External Research Review Committee of the participating schools. Practical arrangements for implementing the project are to be made by the researcher in collaboration with the principal to minimize disruption to the school.

There are circumstances in which a researcher may have contacts in a particular school or may wish to include particular schools for a reason related to the design of the study. This should be included in the proposal and the schools, teachers, parents, and students should know why they are being asked to participate (see Guidelines for Informed Consent Forms). In this situation, it is still necessary to complete an application form.


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