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Approval Criteria
Approval Criteria
What criteria do the External Research Review Committee consider when reviewing applications?

Relevance to Education:
  1. The project is beneficial for researcher(s), YRDSB staff members, and students.

  2. Clear alignment with the YRDSB Board Plans, policies and procedures.
Research Methodology:
  1. A well designed methodology presented with minimal use of technical jargon.

  2. Other venues considered for data collection or other institutions to share existing data.
Ethical Requirements:
  1. An ethical review of the proposed research has been completed according to the guidelines of the affiliated institution prior to the submission of the research application.

  2. Minimal time commitment for teachers, administrators, and/or other Board staff, with the researcher taking responsibility for all aspects of the research.

  3. The researcher has outlined appropriate processes for obtaining informed consent from participants.

  4. Care is taken to avoid topics that students, staff, and/or parents may consider to be an invasion of privacy.

  5. Participation will not adversely affect the physical and/or psychological health or well-being of participants.

  6. The researcher has outlined appropriate processes to deal with sensitive issues should they arise during the research (e.g., students who wish to withdraw from the study; disclosure of sensitive information by participants; debriefing participants).

  7. The rights of all participants are protected, including the privacy of personal information in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

  8. The research is not unduly demanding of students, staff, and individual schools with respect to time and resources.

  9. Consideration and disclosure of any researcher bias or conflict of interest.

  10. The intended use of the results of the research is clearly outlined.


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