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External Research Review Committee Guidelines
External Research Review Committee Guidelines
  1. The research proposal must have the prior approval of the agency or institution with which the researcher is affiliated and ethical approval of the agency or institution where appropriate.
  2. The rights and well-being of the subjects must be protected in accordance with accepted research ethics.
  3. The research must ensure that the confidentiality of information about York Region public schools, teachers, and students is protected and no York Region public school, teacher, or student is identified in any report.
  4. Where personal information is requested, the researcher must complete the Use of Personal Information for Research Purposes Form (Appendix A).
    NOTE: Under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), information collected as the routine part of school records is not obtained with the expectation of disclosure to independent researchers. Therefore, it is not possible for the York Region District School Board to identify particular individuals or groups of students for the researchers.
  5. Written parental permission is required for any research with or about students under the age of 18 in York Region public schools. Children must have the option to withdraw from the study even when parents agree. If the student is 18 years or over, the written permission of the student is required.
  6. A Police Vulnerable Sector Check is required if the researcher is to have direct contact with a student(s) that is unsupervised or if the researcher is left alone with a student(s) at any time. Applicants must contact the police services in their home jurisdiction (based on their home address) to complete their vulnerable sector screening. Costs, timelines, forms, and locations differ by jurisdiction. Please contact your local police department for information.
  7. The External Research Review Committee considers all proposals from external researchers. Because of the large number of requests to conduct research in York Region public schools, proposals from undergraduates are given low priority. Market research is only considered if it is relevant to education.
  8. Researchers will not be allowed to gather data in York Region public schools during September, after June 1st, and in January for semestered schools.
  9. Principals of York Region public schools will make the final decision about involvement in research projects.
  10. It is the researcher’s responsibility to provide a research report, as well as an Executive Summary (See Executive Summary template), to Research Services at the conclusion of the study.
  11. Where appropriate, the researcher(s) must agree to provide presentations or workshops at the conclusion of the study to make research connections for YRDSB staff.
  12. Any media release referencing YRDSB data must be approved by YRDSB Communication Services.
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