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Financial Overview
Financial Overview

The York Region District School Board continues to provide high quality learning opportunities for all students to ensure their success.

The 2017-18 annual budget for the York Region District School Board is $1,446,369,000; comprised of $1,341,217,000 for operating expenditures, $102,490,000 allocated for capital expenditures and $2,662,000 in EPO grants.

One new elementary and one new secondary school are scheduled to open for the 2017-18 school year.  One new elementary school is scheduled to open for the 2018-19 school year.

Highlights of the 2017-2018 budget​

A focus on student achievement 

Enhanced resources dedicated to equity and diversity

Special education 

A continued emphasis on mathematics 

A continued focus on mental health and student well-being 

Development of the budget is an ongoing process reflecting decisions made throughout the year and includes Board priorities and direction as established by the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan, the Director’s Annual Plan and the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement.


Our Board continues to actively solicit the participation of many interested groups in the budget process. Input was received from a variety of sources, including presentations from the Special Education Advisory Committee, Parent, Family and Community Engagement Advisory Committee, Equity and Inclusivity Advisory Committee, York Region – Ontario Principals’ Council and York Region Corporate Management and Professional Staff Council. 

 The following charts reflect the allocation of the Board's budgeted revenues and expenditures:

 2017-18 Total Budgeted Revenue.JPG


2017-18 Total Budgeted Expenditures.JPG

Ministry of Education Funding Commitments 

The Ministry announced the following areas of focus: 

Provide continued funding for compensation and labour costs arising from collective agreement extensions.

Continued implementation of reforms to the funding formula in the areas of special education and school board administration.

Adjustments to the non-salary portion of the school operations and student transportation benchmarks to recognize increased costs.

A Human Resource transition supplement to assist in managing the impact of collective agreement extensions.


Transferring employee benefit plans to Employee Life and Health Trusts established under the latest central collective agreements. 

Updated December 2017                 

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