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Performance Plus
Performance Plus

Performance Plus recognizes that schools in neighbourhoods affected by poverty can be exemplary places to learn. Twenty elementary schools have been identified as Performance Plus (P+) schools. These schools are located in neighbourhoods where a greater number of children and families are living in poverty.

Additional resources are provided to these schools including a Performance Plus teacher, child and youth worker and supply days to be used to enhance school/community relations and engagement. Community resource facilitators liaise with school personnel, community agencies and families. They coordinate and facilitate the deployment of resources and assets to schools while promoting parent, family and community engagement initiatives through various community development strategies.

To help mitigate the impacts of poverty, staff supporting Performance Plus schools work together to create safe and positive environments for students and their families. Both innovative school based programs and ongoing relationships with community partners ensure P+ schools have access to:

  • ​nutrition; breakfast and snack programs;
  • after school and enhancement programs for students such as art, recreation, well-being and mentoring, early years programing; and
  • opportunities for family learning and sharing such as TripleP Parenting, stress and mental health workshops, transition supports for newcomer families and cultural celebrations. 

All Performance Plus schools offer a half day, four week, school readiness program during the month of July. Building Blocks for Kindergarten is designed for Junior Kindergarten students entering school in September who may have had little or no preschool experience. This program is facilitated by a Kindergarten teacher and an Early Childhood Educator (ECE). Performance Plus community resource facilitators ensure a parent learning component is also provided and facilitated by community partner agencies and groups.

In addition, all Performance Plus schools participate in the "Welcome to Kindergarten Program." This program provides parent information sessions at each P+ school and includes resources for families and learning materials for all children entering Junior Kindergarten each fall.

Summer Institutes for Kids, a summer learning program for JK-Grade 8 students, takes place in 11 neighbourhoods across York Region. The goal of the Summer Institute for Kids program is to provide extended learning opportunities for children and enhance student achievement and well- being. A combination of academic, art, physical and health education is included in the program. Many sites incorporate activities that provide alternative approaches to the skills outlined in the Ontario curriculum.
Parents, caregivers and staff at P+ schools can expect:
  • collaboration with community partners to collectively focus on the strengths and needs of students and their families before they reach schools;
  • strong support for transition to school; and
  • culturally inclusive practices for all children (particularly in those neighbourhoods where a large number of immigrant families have chosen to settle) including outreach and engagement with parents in different languages and in ways that are inclusive of different cultures.


Updated December 2017​​​​

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