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Policies and Procedures for Comment
Policies and Procedures for Comment

The following policies and/or procedures have been approved for distribution for comment. Input from members of the community is an important component of the review process.

A guideline outlining the process by which policies and procedures have been reviewed by trustees and staff members and some questions you may wish to consider when submitting feedback is provided for your information.

Questions about any Board policy and/or procedure should first be raised with your principal or superintendent to learn about how it fits into the local community context.  Many questions can be addressed at this point; however, if you still feel a policy and/or procedure needs to be adjusted, feedback may be submitted through the school council in accordance with Board Policy #285.0, Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents.

Feedback should include the following:  

  • identification of the specific section(s) of the policy and/or procedure you would like to see addressed;
  • the reason(s) for your concern(s); and
  • specific, alternate wording to reflect your position.

Input may be submitted, for consideration by the appropriate committee(s) at or via fax at 905-727-3984. Due dates for responses are outlined below.

If you have questions or comments about the process by which policies and procedures are reviewed, please contact the Assistant Manager, Board and Trustee Services at or at extension 2217.

Note: Working documents have been approved for circulation for six schools months in order to assess system impact and obtain input from members of the community. Working Documents replace the previous version and are the official working policy and/or procedure of the Board.

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