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Policies and Procedures for Comment
Policies and Procedures for Comment
Policies and procedures govern the operation of the Board and our schools. To ensure they remain current, the Board reviews policies and procedures regularly. Feedback from staff and community members, including parents/guardians, is an important part of the review process. 

The policies and/or procedures listed below are currently available for comment.  

How do I share my comments? 

Questions about any Board policy and/or procedure should first be discussed with the principal or superintendent. 

Parents/guardians wishing to provide feedback on a policy and/or procedure should contact your school council.  Your input will be shared with the appropriate committee(s).   

Feedback should include:
  • the specific sections of the policy/procedure you would like to see addressed
  • the reason for your suggestions
  • specific, alternate wording
Feedback or questions about the review process can be sent to policy.committee@yrdsb.caDue dates for responses are outlined below. 

Where can I find more information about policy and procedure review? 

Board Policy #285.0, Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents outlines the Board’s policy and procedure review process.
The Guideline for Policy and Procedure review identifies questions you may wish to consider. 

IndexTitleResponse Due By
320.0Homework (Working Document)1/2/2018
440.0Loan of Board Owned Equipment (Staff) (Working Document)1/2/2018
441.0Loan of Board Owned Equipment (Students) (Working Document)1/2/2018
241.0Human Rights: Code-Related Harassment and Discrimination (Working Document)1/2/2018
642.0Field Trips, One Day Trips, Short-Term Overnight Field Trips and Extended Field Trips (Working Document)2/23/2018
676.0School Fundraising and Administration of School Generated Funds (Working Document)2/23/2018
662.0Student Health Supports (Working Document)2/23/2018
610.0Reporting Children in Need of Protection (Working Document)2/23/2018
122.0Conferences and Workshops - Employees (Working Document)3/29/2018
570.0Pregnancy, Parental, Adoption, Infant, Child Care Leaves (Working Document)3/29/2018
238.0Parent, Family and Community Engagement, Community Advisory Committees, Supporting Community Fundraising Events (Working Document)3/29/2018
220.0Trustee Services (Working Document)3/29/2018
250.0Violence Prevention and Intervention and Non-Code Workplace Related Harassment - Employees (Working Document)3/29/2018
228.0Jurisdictional Learning (Working Document)3/29/2018
267.0Supporting Community Concerns (Working Document)3/29/2018
242.0Standards of Conduct (Working Document)3/29/2018
211.0Director of Education Performance Review (Working Document)3/29/2018
203.0Board Advocacy (Working Document)4/27/2018
409.0Licensed Child Care in Schools and Security for Licensed Child Care and Before and After Programs in Schools (Working Document)4/27/2018
412.0Community Use of Schools (Working Document)4/27/2018
182.0Distribution of Materials: External Organizations (Working Document)4/27/2018
280.0Volunteers in our Schools (Working Document)4/27/2018
301.0Arts Education (Working Document)6/15/2018
135.0Food Services (Working Document)6/15/2018
680.0Student Transportation (Working Document)6/15/2018
663.0Partnerships with External Agencies for Provision of Services by Regulated Health Professionals, Regulated Social Service Professionals and Paraprofessionals (Working Document)6/15/2018
577.0Progressive Discipline (Working Document)6/22/2018

Note: Working documents have been approved for circulation for six schools months in order to assess system impact and obtain input from members of the community. Working Documents replace the previous version and are the official working policy and/or procedure of the Board.

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