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Mandate Letter - September 2018
Mandate Letter - September 2018

September 1, 2018
Licinio Miguelo, Senior Manager
Corporate Communications

Dear Licinio,

The Board of Trustees and the Senior Team have worked collaboratively with our community to renew our Strategic Plan.  As a leadership team, we have aligned the Director’s Annual Plan and Board Improvement Plan to meet the priorities and goals outlined by trustees.  Additionally, we have successfully put into routine practice the Minister’s Directions.  In short, our leadership team is poised to align our efforts and work, to collaborate with precision and diligence to ensure positive outcomes are met for students, families and staff.

As the Senior Manager of Communications, you build the positive reputation of the board by communicating achievements, transparently communicating challenges and crises to the public through a multitude of media.  You interact directly with media and nurture relationships with community partners to leverage opportunities. Additionally, you support trustees and staff to develop their communication skills.

To enhance our alignment of purpose, I am asking that you work on the following specific priorities during the 2018-2019 school year that complement your role as Senior Manager of Communications.

  • Lead the creation of a department plan that is aligned to the Director’s Annual Plan and includes all elements of a logic model inclusive of data and evidence.
  • Develop a protocol and guidelines related to the translation of external board communication materials, with an intent to increase the overall number of materials translated.
  • Collaborate with Manager of Corporate Secretariat and Trustee Services in the development of a trustee orientation plan for the 2018-2022 board of trustees.
  • Lead the development of a crisis communications plan and collaborate with key partners, our Associate Directors and other stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with Chief Social Worker to develop a communication protocol for critical traumatic events that upholds the safety of students and acknowledges the current use of communications tools.
  • Refresh and revamp the Board’s external web presence to ensure consistent and up to date messaging and information is available to our communities.
  • Collaborate with Information Technology Services to develop a plan for a portal upgrade.  
  • Develop a plan to create and optimize digital content, particularly video, for the Board’s social and web presence.
  • Support the implementation of the K-12 engagement platform.
  • Embed evidence gathering and monitoring in all elements of your practice.

I ask you to consider the above priorities and develop an implementation plan that includes timelines, outcomes and performance indicators.  In our weekly meetings, I will ask that you provide updates to progress as appropriate.

Thank you for your leadership Licinio and I look forward to working alongside you in the 2018-2019 academic school year.



Louise Sirisko
Director of Education
York Region District School Board
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