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Mandate Letter - Curriculum and Instructional Services 2018
Mandate Letter - Curriculum and Instructional Services 2018
November 27, 2018
Heather Sears, ​Superintendent of Education
Curriculum & Instructional Services

Dear Heather,

The Board of Trustees and the Senior Team have worked collaboratively with our community to renew our Strategic Plan. As a leadership team, we have aligned the Director’s Annual Plan and Board Improvement Plan to meet the priorities and goals outlined by trustees. Additionally, we have successfully put into routine practice the Minister’s Directions. In short, our leadership team is poised to align our efforts and work, to collaborate with precision and diligence to ensure positive outcomes are met for students, families and staff.

In your role of Superintendent of Curriculum and Instructional Services, you are responsible for leading, supporting and monitoring the performance of staff in your department which is committed to providing the most appropriate educational opportunities for underserved/underperforming students while supporting the professional learning needs of all staff in the areas of priority outlined in the MYP/DAP and BIPSA.

To enhance our alignment of purpose, I am asking that you work on the following specific priorities during the 2018-2019 school year that complement your role as Superintendent of Curriculum and Instructional Services.

  • Working with the Associate Director of Schools and Program, support DAP learning at all Senior Team meetings to facilitate discussion and plan for the implementation of the DAP goals as part of school and system improvement action.
  • Working with the Associate Director of Schools and Program and the Research and Assessment and Evaluation Teams, support the development of a DAP Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.
  • Collaborate with Superintendents of Schools to support DAP/BIPSA learning at the CEC and FOS levels as reflected in the Senior Team Collaborative Learning Plan.
  • Collaborate with appropriate superintendents to ensure there is careful planning of GSN and EPO dollars that maximize resources and targets spending to its potential. Share this planning with the senior team to deepen understanding of the budgeting process.
  • Support collaboration amongst system departments and teams to support professional learning and actions related to the DAP/BIPSA to maximize positive outcomes for students with a focus on underserved and underperforming students.• Work with the Associate Director of Schools and Program to support discussions and decision-making surrounding resources that will help to meet the needs of underserved and underperforming students.
  • Lead and direct the curriculum planning, development, implementation and assessment activities that enhance student achievement, engagement and well-being and ensure adherence to Ministry guidelines.
  • Continue to innovate, implement and monitor programs, supports and services to inform our practice.
  • Embed evidence gathering and monitoring in all elements of your practice.
  • Lead the creation of a department plan that is aligned to the Director’s Annual Plan and includes all elements of a logic model.


Karen Friedman
Associate Director of Education, Schools and Program
York Region District School Board
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