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Mandate Letter - School Operations 2018
Mandate Letter - School Operations 2018
September 1, 2018
Clayton LaTouche, Associate Director of Education
Schools and Operations


Dear Clayton,

The Board of Trustees and the Senior Team have worked collaboratively with our community to renew our Strategic Plan.  As a leadership team, we have aligned the Director’s Annual Plan and Board Improvement Plan to meet the priorities and goals outlined by trustees.  Additionally, we have successfully put into routine practice the Minister’s Directions.  In short, our leadership team is poised to align our efforts and work, to collaborate with precision and diligence to ensure positive outcomes are met for students, families and staff.

As the Associate Director of Schools and Operations, you are responsible for capital planning, plant management, leadership development and human resource services.  

To enhance our alignment of purpose, I am asking that you work on the following specific priorities during the 2018-2019 school year that complement your role as Associate Director, Schools and Operations.

  • Support the development, training and implementation of the Board Community Interaction Management Tool (Resolve) to ensure responsive and comprehensive resolution to issues raised by stakeholders.  
  • Act as champion for issues under your direction and provide timely and responsive support to stakeholders focused on resolution.
  • Align professional learning needs of superintendents of schools to enable them to serve their schools to a high degree of service and competence.
  • Collaborate with the Coordinating Superintendent of Indigenous Education and Equity to implement the recommendations made in the Employment Equity Audit.
  • Lead the creation of department plans that align to the Director’s Annual Plan and include all elements of a logic model inclusive of data and evidence.
  • Analyze options, budget and implementation requirements to advance our sites’ abilities to provide prayer space and “all access” washrooms.
  • Develop a capital plan for site renewals that includes analysis of accessibility requirements.
  • Co-lead with Associate Director, Schools and Program, the re-visioning of the International Education Services Students Programme.
  • Co-lead with Associate Director, Schools and Program, a collaborative team to make recommendations in regards to safety responses for opioid overdoses.
  • Lead a review of the Summer School Programme and provide recommendations.
  • Track, monitor and analyze progressive discipline matters for each employee group to enable professional development modules that are designed to support the learning needs of our employees.
  • Collaborate with the Senior Manager of Communications to develop and implement emergency protocols for each Central Education Centre location.
  • Co-lead with Senior Manager, Legal, Legislative and Administrative Services, the review and revision of the inclement weather protocol to enable system closure.
  • Review and transform the administrator appointment and transfer process.
  • Review and transform the administrator promotion processes.
  • Review and transform the Supervisory Officer Performance Appraisal process.
  • Monitor and analyze staff attendance and fill rate data, and the impact of the Attendance Support Program. Develop recommendations that may include pilot programs to provide intervention and support for staff.
  • Collaborate with the York Regional Police to advocate for revised processes for Criminal Record Checks; collaborate with the Chief Financial Officer to create a central process and database of volunteer CRCs.
  • Restructure the Plant Services Department, paying particular attention to leadership roles.
  • Embed evidence gathering and monitoring in all elements of your practice.

I ask you to consider the above priorities and develop an implementation plan that includes timelines, outcomes and performance indicators.  In our weekly meetings, I will ask that you provide updates to progress as appropriate.

Thank you for your leadership Clayton and I look forward to working alongside you in the 2018-2019 academic school year.



Louise Sirisko
Director of Education
York Region District School Board

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