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Hiring Process and Practices
Hiring Process and Practices

The York Region District School Board strives to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery, program provision and staff member development to support student achievement and well-being, we recognize the value of attracting, recruiting and retaining exemplary staff members.  We are committed to creating and sustaining an ethical, inclusive, caring and safe work environment through recruitment and promotion practices that are equitable, transparent and support the Board’s Plan for Student Success.

The Board is committed to recruiting and promoting candidates based on qualifications, experiences and the demonstration of values which align with the Board’s mission and vision. The board will also explore programs that seek to recruit candidates from traditionally disadvantaged groups (i.e. Indigenous peoples).

The York Region District School Board Recruitment Outreach Strategy is committed to creating a diverse pool of applicants through job posting advertisements, social media, and community networks and associations.

All Career Opportunities will be posted on the external website.  The job postings include qualifications, a description of the job, start and end dates, screening questions related to the position, and an equity, diversity and accommodation statement.  The equity, diversity and accomodation statement encourages applications from equity-seeking groups and ensures that job applicants understand that accommodations will be provided based on any human rights protected ground.

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