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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Overview of YRDSB French Hiring
All applications are now posted on Apply to Education. As a registered user, you can update your resume, reference and qualifications at any time.
Q: Do I need to submit a separate application for elementary and secondary positions?
A: No, we only have one application for French teacher hiring.
Q: If we are currently in teachers college and have an OCT number but are not yet licensed, do we include our OCT number in our application?
A: Yes, please include your OCT number in your application.
Q: Is the YRDSB looking to hire solely experienced teachers or faculty students as well?
A: The YRDSB will consider both experienced and faculty students that are interested in teaching French.
Q: Who do I contact for questions related to French teaching qualifications?
A: Your questions can be directed to the Ontario College of Teachers.
Q: If I don't have my FSL qualifications, can I still apply?
A: Yes you may apply. However, job offers will be conditional on obtaining the FSL qualification or equivalent.
Q: Where can I find information on Additional Qualifications (AQ) courses?
A: There are a number of providers for AQs including ETFO, as well as all universities (e.g. York, OISE, etc.). You'll need to check their websites for information. Prices vary but all offer both online and face-to-face learning. Please refer to the Ontario College of Teachers website for more information.
Q: What is the board’s Teacher hiring practices?
A: It would be beneficial for you to review Regulation 274-Hiring Practices, which will help explain the hiring practices that all Boards now follow. More information can be found on the Ministry of Education’s website.
French Language Assessment
Q.  What is the French Language Assessment?
A.  The YRDSB French Language Assessment (FLA) is required for all candidates who would like to teach French at York Region District School Board.  The FLA is used to evaluate both the productive and receptive skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
For more information regarding the French Language Assessment YRDSB hiring process please visit The Hiring Process.
Q: Are there any samples of the French Language Assessment test available for us to do as practice?
A: We do not currently have samples or practice tests available. However, it might be helpful for you to know that we are looking for candidates who can use French with fluency and accuracy in both oral and written formats. We provide a list of Resources for those looking for French learning opportunities.
Q: How soon after you submit your application are you called in for the assessment, generally?
A: Assessments are ongoing.
Q: Do we need to do a Language Assessment even if we are graduating with a French degree?
A: Yes. All candidates must participate in the Board language assessment process.
Q: If I am unsuccessful in the language assessment, how soon after can I take it again?
A: Yes, you can be reassessed within 4 to 6 months from your last assessment, provided you can demonstrate evidence/additional experiences that have given you opportunity to further your French proficiency (i.e. continued learning, workshops, etc.). 
Q: If I complete the assessment and qualify for French Core, can I be reassessed for French Immersion?
A: Yes. However, we would like to see that you've done something to improve your French before reassessing.
Q: If I qualify for French Immersion, can I teach French Core?
A: Yes, based upon the Board’s needs.
Q: Once I complete the language assessment what are the next steps?
A: Candidates who have successfully completed the French Language Assessment (FLA) will be invited to participate in the next stage of the selection process.  For further information on the French hiring process please refer to The Hiring Process.
Q: Is this interview done in French?
A: No. The interview is conducted in English.
Q: What type of documents would we need to bring for the interview?
A: Please refer to The Hiring Process page of our website.
Q: What if I’m not able to attend the interview in person, are you able to accommodate?
A: The Recruitment Team can make arrangements accordingly.
Next Steps/References
Q: What are considered acceptable references?
A: Please refer to the How to Apply page of our website.
Q: Can a professional reference be a supervisor (if not currently teaching)?
A: Yes, but we would need a teaching reference as well.
Q: If I have taught abroad, would it be okay for me to use a reference from the Principal of that school?
A: Yes, you could use that Principal as a reference. Please ensure an email address is included.
Q: As per the website, it states that as a Faculty of Education student, you should bring "three professional references. Does this mean reference "letters" or just the reference information such as phone number, email, title etc.?
A: We are looking for reference contact information, not letters. Please be sure to include a valid email address for each reference. Reference checks will be done online for the most part.
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