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The Hiring Process
The Hiring Process

Overview of the French Hiring Process

What is a French Language Assessment (FLA)?

The YRDSB French Language Assessment (FLA) is required for all candidates who would like to teach at York Region District School Board.  The FLA is used to evaluate both the productive and receptive skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

  • Once candidates have been assessed, they will be deemed to have language skills appropriate for our French program. 


The YRDSB FLA consists of the following:

  1. Listening Comprehension – The language assessor reads aloud a few sentences while the candidates are expected to transcribe them, demonstrating overall comprehension by using proper use of grammar, punctuation etc. 
  2. Oral Expression – Candidates are expected to engage in spontaneous conversation on a variety of topics that will be presented by the Assessor.
  3. Written Expression – Candidates are required to complete a written submission on a topic of general interest and a short multiple choice quiz that covers some foundational rules of French grammar.  
  4. Reading Comprehension – Candidates will be given a short reading text with Multiple Choice Questions.

Note: The FLA will take approximately one (1) hour to complete.

In preparation for the FLA, we encourage all candidates to review grammar rules, construction of sentences and vocabulary.  Please refer to the YRDSB French Resources page for additional information.

French Hiring Selection Process
Candidates who have successfully completed the French Language Assessment (FLA) will be invited to participate in the next stage of the French Teacher hiring process.
Overview of the Hiring Process:
  • English Written Practicum (15 minutes): This practicum will consist of a question(s) related to the position you are applying for and require you to complete a short written submission.  The written component will be used to assess your English language skills and teaching practice. 
  • Interview (40 minutes): The interviews are conducted in English.  The interview will consist of a series of questions and will be facilitated by two (2) members of the hiring committee. Candidates are not permitted to refer to any notes during the practicum or interview (i.e. study notes, etc.), but can make notes during the interview.  These notes will be collected at the end of the hiring process. 
Additional Documentation (can be included in online application or brought to the interview):
  • Experienced teachers may provide two (2) teaching evaluations including your most recent evaluation(s).
  • Faculty Students, recent grad etc. in the Consecutive program may provide all summative practice teaching reports, and those in the Concurrent program may provide summative reports from your last year in the program. You may include formative assessments and other summative evaluations, if applicable.
Next Steps

 Reference Checks:

  • Three (3) Professional References that are supervisory teaching references (including full name, position title, work location/organization, and email address) in the job posting screening section of the online application. Please ensure that the references you provide reflect your employment and volunteer experiences on your resume. We cannot accept references from a coworker, family member and/or friend. Note: References will not be contacted before the interview.  

    Examples of referees could include the following:

  • Principal/Vice-Principal that has supervised you and can speak to your teaching practice in the panel to which you are applying;

  • Faculty Advisor/Coordinator or Practicum Advisor that has observed and evaluated your teaching practice in a classroom setting;

  • Host/Mentor Teacher that has supervised you and can speak to your teaching practice in an elementary/secondary setting; and/or

  • Professional reference who can speak to your teaching practice.
Additional information will be provided to candidates moving forward, including training information, required documentation (e.g. Police Vulnerable Sector Check, satisfactory to the Board, etc.).

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