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Tree Planting and All Ability Sports Festival
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Tree Planting and All Ability Sports Festival


For the past three years, Highgate Public School’s healthy school team has focused on building an inclusive community. Last year, students working on a collaborative project began to realize that their local park was not accessible for students with or without special needs. The school began the “Park Project,” a student led initiative that involved writing to the City of Markham to advocate for an accessible park.

The park has now undergone improvements that allow students to participate in an inclusive environment. Staff, students and special guests will plant a tree by the park to celebrate their successes to date.
Following the tree planting, Special Olympics Ontario will work with Highgate’s Healthy Schools team to lead a school wide event with students participating in an all ability sports festival.


Highgate Public School
35 Highgate Drive


Tuesday, June 21, 2016
8:50 a.m.


The Highgate Public School community is passionate about creating an inclusive community where staff, students and families feel valued, respected and accepted for who they are.


Highgate Public School staff and students; Chair of the Board Anna DeBartolo; Director of Education J. Parappally; City of Markham Councillor Alex Chiu and City of Markham representatives, James Bingham and Peter Shields.
For more information contact:
Lisa Stover or Andrea Haefele
Highgate Public School
Telephone: (905) 477-1019
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