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Youth Collaborate With Professionals to Look at Role of Bystanders in Medical Emergencies
News Release
Youth Collaborate With Professionals to Look at Role of Bystanders in Medical Emergencies
EAST GWILLIMBURY - A group of over 40 students worked with local health experts yesterday to develop innovative ideas to improve bystander confidence in providing on-scene support in medical emergencies.
The event, held at York Region Paramedic Services Headquarters, gave students the opportunity to connect and problem solve with professionals from York Region Paramedic Servic​es.
Students toured the Incident Management Command Centre, including the multi-patient bus, and learned how bystanders can help save lives during medical emergencies. They used what they learned to develop innovative ideas to encourage bystanders to provide support when needed.
“This opportunity has really helped me to understand the effect a bystander has in the situation of a medical emergency. Whether they are trained in CPR or have no knowledge whatsoever, everyone can help make a difference,” said Priyana, student at Middlefield C.I.

“I really enjoyed today because I learned a lot about paramedics, but I also learned about my involvement in the community and how I can help the paramedics. I am also more aware of how I can help in trauma situations which means I can inform my peers on how they can help and together have a more productive and safe society,” said Unzila, student at Middlefield C.I.
The students are all enrolled in the Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Majors program at Middlefield C.I. This event is one of several the Board is offering this year in collaboration with community organizations to support innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship training.
“By partnering with York Region Paramedic Services, our students have had a rich opportunity to work with an essential service and to apply their learning in real-world scenarios. We are incredibly grateful for the time and support Paramedic Services have provided. This is the authentic learning we strive to provide for our students in the YRDSB SHSM program,” said Susan Maharaj, Vice-Principal at Middlefield C.I.
“In a medical emergency, seconds can save lives. We know bystanders are the first at the scene and their help can have a significant impact on a person’s chances of survival,” says Chris Spearen, York Region’s Chief of Paramedic Services. “We welcome programs that may help to encourage bystanders to get involved and offer support, even in doing something as simple as calling 911, or more involved help like hands-only CPR.”
Specialist High Skills Major programs let students experience a range of customized, career-focused learning opportunities while working towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. YRDSB has 33 secondary schools offering over 100 separate programs that represent different sectors of the economy, including arts and culture, business, and health and wellness.

York Region District School Board is the third largest school district in Ontario with over 124,000 students in 177 elementary schools and 33 secondary schools. York Region students consistently perform above average in provincial testing and the Board is one of the top achievers in Ontario. For more information about York Region District School Board, please visit the Board website and follow @YRDSB on Twitter.
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