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Logging into D2L Brightspace
Logging into D2L Brightspace

These instructions will help guide your child’s access to D2L Brightspace.

If your child’s teacher is using a different Online Learning Platform (eg. Google Classroom, Edsby, Moodle) find instructions for logging into those platforms by visiting the ​K-12 Online Learning Platform Resources​ page.

Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Type the Internet address for YRDSB’s D2L login page:  

A blue arrow points to the web address: in the browser address bar. 

2. Select “Student Login.”

Be prepared to type your child’s YRDSB student number and YRDSB password.

A blue arrow points to the student login button on the D2L homepage. 

3. Type your child’s YRDSB student number and password. 

Please remind your child to not share the login information with anyone else. 

A blue arrow points to the username field on the YRDSB login page. A second blue arrow points to the password field below. 

4. Select the D2L course you want to enter under “My Courses.”

Your child can only join courses that teachers have enrolled them in.​

A blue arrow indicates where students need to click to enter the course. 

Troubleshooting Strat​egies:

Try the following strategies if your child is unable to login to D2L Brightspace:

  1. Turn your computer off and then on again.

  2. Log out of all accounts, including your personal accounts.

  3. Use the Google Chrome web browser (not Safari, ).

  4. Type your child’s YRDSB credentials (YRDSB and YRDSB password).

If you continue to have problems with D2L Brightspace, please contact Derrick Schellenberg, a digital literacy consultant.

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