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Adult Day School
Adult Day School

The Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning, (36 Regatta Avenue, Richmond Hill) is a place that gives adults the opportunity to return to school to pursue the goal/s they originally set out for themselves.  Students ages 18 to 20 (non-graduates with 20 or more secondary credits) require a completed Recommendation to Attend form in order to register.

Our students are very successful, many going on to University/College or upgrading themselves to a level that allows them to obtain the career they desire. All courses are credit programs and count towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
The Adult Day School operates on a quadmester system, five days a week. There are four entry points per year to allow students ample opportunity and flexibility to join classes based on their work/family schedules. A maximum of two courses are taken per quadmester, giving students time to focus on a limited number of subjects, including ESL.
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