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Students and Parents
Students and Parents
Regardless of your grade, goals or ambitions, everyone is on a pathway that is unique to their own individualized learning needs. Foundation to the pathway you create, are the classes and courses you choose. Your pathway is influenced by how well you align your interests, strengths and abilities to those courses. It is also influenced by the knowledge, skills and range of experiences you can bring to your learning.

Over the course of your time at school there are a number of programs you may or may not choose to partake in. Specialized programs, such as Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM), have very specific pathways that need to be followed while other programs are more fluid. To take advantage of the full range of programming opportunities, planning ahead and getting to know your strengths and interests is important. Career Cruising is a great place to start exploring and doing self assessments.

Take time to focus on your own personal pathway and journey:

  • Commit to exploring new opportunities and getting to know yourself as a learner
  • Get involved in school activities that you enjoy.
  • Test your capabilities.
  • Discover your strengths and follow your heart.
Remember Pathways are flexible and can be changed.

For more information about Programs and Pathways see the Guidance/Career Education Head in your school.


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