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Summer Co-operative Education
Summer Co-operative Education

What is the Summer Co-operative Education Program?

The Summer Co-op programs integrate classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace. All students can benefit from a co-op experience as it supports the learning and understanding of their post-secondary destination of choice. Students earn high school credits by participating in these programs.  To Learn more about how co-op works, please visit our site. 

There are 3 Summer Co-op programs available for students:

  • ​1 Credit Co-op (4 weeks in July)
  • 2 Credit Co-op ( May to August)
  • 2 Credit Co-op - SHSM Mackenzie Health (May to August)

The Co-op Program is based on a partnership between the High School and a business or community organization. Learn more about hosting co-op students.

Who is the Summer Co-op Program for?

The Summer Co-op Programs are for students in Grade 11 and 12.   Students completing their grade 10 year and are interested in a Summer Co-op program must be the appropriate age according to the Ministry of Labour sector requirements.  

The 1 and 2 Credit Co-op Programs are available for all students (both SHSM and non-SHSM students.  The 2 Credit Co-op SHSM Mackenzie Health Programs is available to SHSM Health & Wellness, and Business SHSM students.  

How do I apply?

The YRDSB  Summer Co-op Programs are offered through Continuing Education Services. Students are encouraged to discuss their options in consultation with the Guidance and/or Community Based Education (Co-op) department at their secondary school.  To register for the programs, visit:​ 

Additional Information

Learn more about cooperative education programming.

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