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Accepting Your First Offer of Admission
Accepting Your First Offer of Admission
All offers of admission are conditional. Take the time to carefully read and re-read the conditions listed in your offer of admission.

Your offer of admission will be revoked if you do not meet all of the conditions listed in the offer of admission, by the specified date(s).

Offers are made at different times throughout the processing cycle, depending on the university and program.

If you are accepted to more than one program at a particular university, you may accept only one of these offers.

When you accept an Offer of Admission to one program at a university, your acceptance may prevent you from receiving an Offer of Admission to a second program at the same university. If necessary, you should contact the Admissions' Office of the university before accepting the first Offer of Admission.

All applicants are able to accept or decline offers of admission from the Ontario universities using the "Review and Change Your Completed Application" feature on the OUAC Compass 101 online application website.

The tutorial Reviewing and Changing Your Completed Online Application provides you with an overview of the online acceptance process.

After you clicked on the submit button, stay online until you receive a confirmation number. Record the number for future reference.

If you are worried about accepting or declining an offer of admission, contact the university's Admissions Office in order to discuss your needs. The university will try to accommodate you as much as possible.

The OUAC will inform the university that you have accepted their offer of admission.

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