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Accepting Your Offer and Changing Your Mind - College
Accepting Your Offer and Changing Your Mind - College
Making changes to your application before your receive an Offer of Admission
You can make changes to your personal information and/or program choices online. On the OCAS Home Page , select Apply and sign in and select Apply now. Select the button for the information you wish to change.

If you cannot use the online application, you can make changes to your personal information and/or program choices on your application, by calling OCAS Applicant Services at: 519-763-4725 or toll-free within Canada at 1-888-892-2228 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).

You are the only person who can make changes to your application. If someone else must make changes for you, OCAS requires written authorization from you. Please have your OCAS application number ready whenever you contact OCAS.

Any program choice changes you make will reflect the date they are received at OCAS. If your changes are received after the application deadline for Fall programs, this may affect the equal consideration of your application.

Viewing Your Offers of Admission and Your Current Status
From the OCAS Home Page , choose Apply, Sign In and select Offers of Admission button.

Accepting a New Offer Before the Expiry Date
If, after accepting an Offer of Admission, you change your mind or receive another offer, which you prefer, you may accept the new offer online as long as you indicate your acceptance to OCAS before the expiry date stated by the college.

OCAS will inform the second college that you have accepted its offer and your second acceptance will automatically cancel your first.

You can accept admission to only one college program at a time.

Once you confirm an offer, you will not be able to change your decision for one business day.

Accepting a New Offer After the Expiry Date
If you are trying to make a change after the expiry date, realize that the original Offer of Admission is no longer valid. Logon to your OCAS account and click on the Offers of Admission button. If your current Offer Status is expired, check the bottom of the page.

If the college is "still accepting confirmations to this program on a first come, first serve basis", you can accept the offer by choosing Confirm and following the confirmation instructions.

If there is no additional information at the bottom of the page, contact the college that you want to attend and ask if they will reinstate your Offer of Admission. If they agree to reinstate the Offer of Admission, ask the college for instructions on how to confirm the acceptance of the reinstated offer.

Cancelling a Confirmation
If you have changed your mind and wish to cancel an offer of acceptance and you are not replacing the acceptance with another offer from a college, you will need to mail a letter to OCAS indicating the following information:

your name
your name

The address for OCAS is:
60 Corporate Court
Guelph, ON Canada N1G 5J3

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