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Researching Apprenticeships
Researching Apprenticeships
Use the following links to learn about the wide range of skilled trades that are available as possible careers.
  • Apprentice Search is a joint project sponsored by Human Resources Development Canada (HRSDC) and the Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC).  In addition to providing excellent profiles on many apprenticeships, this site includes information on prerequisite high school courses and wages.
  • Made With the Trades provides job descriptions, educational requirements, length of training, pay scales and interviews on 30 construction trades. This site has a high graphics content and can be slow to download. If you want to skip the introductory "text messaging", choose 9 on the cell phone and then explore each button.
  • Monster Skilled Trades is a commercial Canadian site that is devoted to the skilled trades.  It includes Job profiles, Resume tips specific to this industry, as well as information on women in trades.
  • My Pathway Planner has an Apprenticeship Training section. Once you have logged onto the My Pathway Planner tool, select Post-Secondary then select Apprenticeship.
  • Ontario Skills Work / Skills Canada - Ontario is not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the skilled trades and technologies as viable first-choice career options for young people.
    To find information on a specific skilled trade, go to Looking for a Career?, then What Skilled Trade is For You? and then select a skilled trade from the pull-down menu.
  • Skills/Compétences Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization, which works with employers, educators, labour groups and governments to reposition trade and technical careers as a first choice career option for Canadian youth. 
  • Government of Canada's Working in Canada is a comprehensive source of information on regulated trades and professions in Canada. It is the only site designed primarily for professional or trades people moving within Canada. It also provides information for persons considering immigration to Canada. Scroll through the list of occupations to Trades and then click on the trade of your choice to see the entry requirements for Ontario or any of the other regions of Canada.
  • The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities - The Apprenticeship Office staff will help you register as an apprentice and will monitor your training as you progress through your apprenticeship. If you are enrolled in OYAP, your teacher will advise you on the appropriate time to contact the Apprenticeship Branch.
  • Loans for Tools Program offers new apprentices an interest free loan (for the duration of the training) to help them buy the tools and equipment they need to perform the trade in which they are registered.
  • Employer Registry is Ontario's free online community connecting employers and tomorrow's workforce. Developed in 2008, the site acts as a single point of contact for employers looking to get involved with short, medium and long-term educational programs, ranging from one-hour career talks to full-semester cooperative education.
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