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Extreme Weather Conditions
Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions are those where temperature is extremely hot or extremely cold, or where the ultraviolet index is high.

The YRDSB is committed to having each school within the Region open every instructional day. Recognizing that emergencies such as the breakdown of essential services or inclement weather can occur, the safety of students and staff are the prime consideration when decisions are made.

All students are expected to go out for recess unless the principal or vice-principal decides that weather conditions are detrimental to students. Temperature, wind chill, sun/cloud conditions, humidity and wind velocity are monitored. On days of extreme weather conditions, schools will consider a shortened or indoor recess.

Students are expected to come to school dressed for outdoor play and prepared to be outdoors after lunch. Parents sometimes request their children be kept indoors during recess times because they are not feeling well. Students with illnesses serious enough to prevent them from participating in normal school activities - physical education, recess or other outdoor activities - should remain at home until their condition improves.

Information about how to prepare for and respond to extreme weather conditions is outlined in the Extreme Hot and Cold Weather and UV Protection Guideline.


Inclement Weather Days

An inclement weather day is a day where road or weather conditions make it impossible to operate a school bus safely. On days that extreme weather warrants the cancellation of school transportation, schools will remain open unless also deemed an emergency because of a breakdown of essential services. The decision to cancel transportation is made by 6:30 a.m. For more information, including how to check if buses are cancelled, please visit the School Transportation webpage.

Students will not be penalized for missing school due to designated inclement weather days. If you have concerns about how an inclement weather day will affect your coursework, please speak to your school principal or teacher.

Any lunch service arrangements made by the school, special lunches or special events/field trips will be cancelled on designated inclement weather days.  If you have made lunch arrangements directly with a third party provider please check with them directly, otherwise parents should send a lunch with their child.

Parents need to inform the school office if their child will not be attending on an inclement weather day, otherwise the school’s safe arrival procedure will apply. Parents should use their best judgment to decide whether to send their children to school on inclement weather days, understanding that if they choose to send their child, that the child should remain at school for the day and must be picked up at the end of the day.

Please note - On an inclement weather day, all interviews, practicums, sign-up sessions, Toronto Police Vulnerable Sector Checks (PVSC) and training sessions will be cancelled. For programs such as before and after school programs or post-secondary student practicums that are operated by external organizers in Board facilities, cancellations will be determined by the provider. 


For more information, please review the Inclement Weather Days Policy.

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