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Positive Climates
Positive Climates
In York Region schools, we intentionally seek to create positive climates for learning and working for all our students and staff. A positive climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, comfortable, and accepted and there is a common understanding of behavioural expectations and consequences. A positive climate may be defined as “the sum total of all of the personal relationships within a school community. When these relationships are founded in mutual acceptance and inclusion, and modelled by all, a culture of respect becomes the norm.” (Ontario Ministry of Education)
A Positive Climate for Learning and Working is...
  • Equitable and Inclusive
  • Safe and Supportive
  • Respectful
  • Caring
Positive school climates contribute to:
  • improved levels of engagement in learning,
  • increased academic achievement,
  • students' healthy development, and
  • respectful schools.
“Creating a positive school climate doesn't happen by accident. It requires intentionality, conscientious reflection, integration, and gathering of data that not only measure climate but also support school improvement efforts.” (ASCD Whole Child)
In York Region we intentionally build positive climates through the implementation of policies, programs and practices including but not limited to the Equity and Inclusive Education, Character Matters, Restorative Approaches, Student Success, Healthy Schools, Eco-Schools, and Safe, Caring and Supportive Schools.
For more information please contact your community school.
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