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Reading Recovery
Reading Recovery

What Is Reading Recovery®?

Reading Recovery® is a highly effective short-term literacy intervention for the lowest achieving grade 1 students. The aim is to bring the previously lowest achieving students in literacy learning to a level in reading and writing where they are able to engage in classroom instruction. Reading Recovery students receive daily 30 minute 1:1 individually designed lessons delivered by a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher. This series of lessons is supplementary to ongoing effective classroom instruction.

Reading Recovery® was developed in New Zealand by Dr. Marie Clay and is now successfully implemented in a variety of educational settings internationally. In order to ensure optimal student outcomes, and to maintain the royalty-free annual site license, York Region District School board adheres to the Standards and Guidelines of The Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery®.

View the Annual Report, the Teacher Leader 'Write to Read' Blog and the hashtag #yrdsbRR for highlights of Reading Recovery in the York Region District School Board.

The Reading Recovery Council of North America (RRCNA) advocates for Reading Recovery and supports Reading Recovery and Early Literacy professionals throughout North America, and also provides Resources for Parents.

​Reading Recovery® Council of North America
Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery®

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