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Autism Spectrum Disorder Review
Autism Spectrum Disorder Review

With a 400% increase in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in YRDSB over a seven year period, we had a need to evaluate our ASD services.   During the 2012-2013 school year, we conducted an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Review to assess the effectiveness of our resources, supports and services in addressing the needs of students with ASD, their families and school staff.  Feedback was provided by a sampling of parents/guardians, school staff, regional special education staff.  

The results of the survey will help improve our services and supports for not just students with ASD, but for all students with an exceptionality. We are now working on:  

A Streamlined Approach to Support Services

  • Making it easier and faster to access specialized supports by clarify the mandates, roles, responsibilities and expectations of specific teams/services that support students with ASD.
  • Promoting better continuity in service delivery from JK to Grade 12 (graduation) and increase support for ASD Community Classes.
  • Exploring data management system(s) to collect information to support future planning.

Coordination of a Collaborative Service Delivery Model 

  • Establishing collaborative methods of sharing information between parents/guardians, schools and community agencies.
  • Developing a common process for coordinating services/meetings, such as the Children's Treatment Network (CTN) Single Plan of Care, including the designation and description of various roles and responsibilities of school and Board staff.
  • Aligning the In-school Team process with the new streamlined services and supports.
  • Clarifying YRDSB protocols/policies/procedures regarding ABA/IBI service provider involvement in schools.

Program Enhancement 

  • Developing a checklist of considerations when designing classroom space for students with ASD e.g., work space needs, sensory concerns.
  • Reviewing current staffing procedures and policies to ensure that trained, qualified and caring school staffs are available to support students with ASD in both classroom settings and crisis situations.

Professional Learning and Training

  • Adopting job-embedded professional learning strategies for Regional Special Education staff.
  • Increasing the number of professional resources on a wide variety of topics related to ASD available to all YRDSB staff through the board's internal website.


bar graph of number of students with autism from 2006 to 2014 


Number of Students with ASD in YRDSB​ ​
School Year Number of Students with ASD
2006-2007​ ​463
​2007-2008 ​763
​2008-2009 ​910
​2009-2010 ​1050
​2010-2011 ​1278
​2011-2012 ​1499
​2012-2013 ​1629
​2013-2014 ​1919



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