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Learning Disabilities Strategic Plan
Learning Disabilities Strategic Plan


In alignment with the Ontario Ministry of Education in “Achieving Excellence”, the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) recognizes the importance of setting high expectations and closing the gap for students with learning disabilities. Board and provincial data indicate the need to support students with learning disabilities to ensure they achieve high levels of academic success and experience a sense of well-being. A proactive approach to supporting students with learning disabilities is required. 

Students are successful when they are:

  • strong voices in their learning
  • self-advocates for their learning
  • knowledgeable about their own learning strengths and needs
  • valued, supported and challenged with high expectations
  • supported in the development of a growth mindset
  • provided supports in an accessible learning environment
  • provided timely, precise and personalized interventions
  • provided necessary accommodations and/or modifications informed by their individual learning profile
  • provided multiple entry points to access the curriculum


Theory of Action

If w​e:

  • build knowledge in support of students with learning disabilities, 
  • foster deep learning​, innovative teaching, and equitable assessment,
  • design inclusive and collaborative learning environments, and
  • engage parents and community as partners,
then we establish the learning conditions that promote high levels of academic success, self actualization and well-being for students with learning disabilities. 


Visit the actions in the pillars below organized by system, school and classroom.

Professional Learning

Professional learning on the In-School Team Meeting brochure
Educators understand the importance of, and how, to nurture:
  • ​Student voice and agency​
  • Self-advocacy
  • Understanding learning disabilities
  • Transitions​


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