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SEAC Members List
SEAC Members List


2018-2022 Public List

​Updated June 16, 2020

​​Association Representatives 

Tracey Armstrong-Smythe
Down Syndrome Association of York Region
P.O. Box 2063, Station B
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 1A3
Toll Free: 1-800-649-3639

Stacey Brown
Early Intervention Services of York Region
The Regional Municipality of York
Gates of York Plaza, 17320 Yonge Street, Unit 9
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 7R9
Business: 905-830-4444 ext. 72995

Sherry Caldwell
Easter Seals Ontario
One Concorde Gate, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario M3C 3N6
Business: 416-421-8377 
Toll Free: 1-800-668-6252 
Fax: 416-696-1035 

Sarah Chow
Association for Bright Children - York Region North
c/o Association for Bright Children of Ontario
80 John St., Suite 2704
Toronto, ON M5V 3X4
Business: 416-925-6136

Rahila Chughtai
Community Living York South
101 Edward Avenue
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 5E5
Business: 647-504-6370
Fax: 905-737-3284

Marilyn Graham
York Support Services Network
240 Edward Street, Unit 3
Aurora, Ontario L4G 3S9
Business: 905-898-6455 ext. 2240
Toll Free: 1-866-257-9776
Fax: 905-898-1171

Wendy Clark
Children's Treatment Network of Simcoe York (CTN)
50 McIntosh Drive
Markham, Ontario L3R 9T3
Business: 905-806-0496
Fax: 905-773-7090

Jasmine MacMillan
Community Living Central York
575 Penrose Street
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 5L5
Business: 905-898-3000 ext. 23
Toronto Line: 905-773-6346
Fax: 905-898-6441

Chris McAdam
Community Living Georgina
26943 Highway 48, P.O. Box 68
Sutton West, Ontario L0E 1R0
Business: 905-722-8947
Fax: 905-722-9591

Tina Morra
VIEWS for the Visually Impaired
PO Box 298
Oil Springs, ON N0N 1P0
Business: 519-616-4397

Carolyn Viney (SEAC Vice-Chair)
VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children
478 Dundas St. West, P.O. Box 30045
Oakville, Ontario L6H 6Y3
Business: 416-487-7719
Fax: 416-487-7423

Sue Walters
Autism Ontario - York Region Chapter
Loyal True Blue and Orange Home Building
11181 Yonge Street, Unit 215
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 1L2
Business: 905-780-1590

Mary Xue
Association for Bright Children - York Region South
c/o Association for Bright Children of Ontario
80 John St., Suite 2704
Toronto, ON M5V 3X4
Business: 416-925-6136

Lynn Ziraldo (SEAC Chair)
Learning Disabilities Association - York Region
9040 Leslie Street, Unit 208
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3M4
Business: 905-884-7933
Fax: 905-770-9377

​​Staff Representatives 

Louise Sirisko
Director of Education

Kate Diakiw
Coordinating Superintendent of Student Services & Well-Being
905-895-7227 ext. 3235

Heather Sears
Superintendent of Education, Curriculum & Instructional Services
905-895-7227 ext. 3419

Jodi Sepkowski
Principal, Student Services
905-895-7227 ext. 3219

Laura Leesti
Principal, Student Services
905-895-7227 ext. 3460

Paul Woods
Principal, Student Services
905-895-7227 ext. 3863

Charlene Civello
Secondary Vice-Principal, Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School

David Cashmore (Alternate)
Secondary Vice-Principal, Tommy Douglas Secondary School

Kate Kurek
Elementary Principal, Baythorn Public School

Tim Gervais (Alternate)
Elementary Principal, Sixteenth Avenue Public School

Lori Davenport
Administrative Assistant, Education and Community Services
Business: 905-727-0022 ext. 2027
Fax: 905-727-3053

Trustee Representatives 

Nadeem Mahmood

Linda Gilbert (Alternate Member)

Ron Lynn

Lauri Hoeg

Last Updated June 16, 2020

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