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Special Education Plan
Special Education Plan

York Region District School Board’s planning, program development and service delivery processes have a strong tradition of including students with special needs as an integral part of our culture. This tradition is based on a belief that every student can learn and succeed with appropriate accommodations and modifications that address individual strengths and needs.


Vision for Sp​ecial Education: 

We recognize all learners as our learners and work together to ensure the discovery of potential each and every day.


Special Education Plan

Table of Con​tents

The Special Education Plan includes Sections A-J. Each section has it's own webpage. Please click on the link below to view the content in that specific section. 

Learning Disabilities Strategic Plan

The Learning Disabilities Strategic Plan​ outlines the beliefs that, if we consistently implement practices that:
  • encompass a growth mindset; 
  • integrate the Learning Disabilities processing chart and student’s voice to inform the development of the IEP; 
  • incorporate evidence informed strategies and goals in the IEP to drive instruction and assessment; 
  • empower students, educators, and parents about the importance of well-being through self-advocacy, resiliency and perseverance; 
  • build on strengths and interests in order to meet the differentiated needs of every learner; 
  • provide differentiated, timely and tiered interventions; supported by a team approach that responds to individual student learning needs including persistent learning difficulties; and  
  • enable capacity building and knowledge mobilization; 
Then all students, families and educators will discover potential and achieve success. 
For more information please visit the Board Plans page on our website.
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