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Work Experience Program
Work Experience Program

The Work Experience Program (WEP) is a community-based partnership between local business, industry and York Region District School Board. 

We strive to provide positive Work Experience opportunities for
students that will enhance their lives and provide greater
success in their future.

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 The WEP provides: 

  • an opportunity for students in Special Education Programs to develop communication, independence and work skills in the community;
  • hands on experience for students (15 to 21 years of age) in non-credit earning Secondary School Community Class;
  • job coaches (school support staff), help train and monitor students in their work placements to increase skills and ensure success. 

For more information on the Work Experience Program speak to Special Education Department at your local secondary school. 

PEAK Program Information 

Pathways to Employment and Applied Knowledge (PEAK) Program is a transition program designed for senior secondary school students and serves as a bridge from school to adult life options including work, college vocational programs and community participation. 

The program consists of a 25% in-class component and a 75% community work placement.peak program logo

Ideal candidates for the PEAK Program will be students: 

  • typically participating in non-credit programs
  • having an identification of a Mild Intellectual Disability or Developmental Disability or Autism
  • having demonstrated successful work experience
  • typically entering his/her last two years of secondary school
  • able and willing to work 4-5 hours per day 5 days per week 

Note: Students are referred by classroom teachers in conjunction with the Work Experience Program Coordinator. Acceptance/admission to PEAK is via application/interview process.  


PEAK Promotional Video

For more information on the PEAK Program, watch the PEAK Program promotional video below.

Please contact the Special Education Department at your local secondary school for further information.



Transition Planning and Community Agency Support 

Work Experience Program Coordinators also work with teachers and families to help facilitate post-secondary transition planning and ensure families understand the variety of services and resources that are available in the community.

Please visit the Transitions for Identified Students page for  more information and resources on Transition Planning.

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