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Welcome to the Arts at YRDSB
Welcome to the Arts at YRDSB
Arts Education is essential to student achievement and well-being. Experiences in the Arts, whether in Dance, Drama, Music, Media or Visual Arts, play a valuable role in addressing the diverse needs of our learners.
When combined with other subjects, the Arts enhance student learning. Arts programming improves student experiences and outcomes in each of the board focus areas: Modern Learning, Mathematics, and Mental Health.
This is a photo of the Blue Box Band from Alexander Muir P.S. performing a cameo at Quest 2016.

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Dance goes beyond the study of movement.  Students learn about self-expression through the body. Students build self-confidence when they connect physical expression with emotions, values, thoughts, and beliefs.


Drama allows students to discover, feel, and express what matters to them. They explore, develop, and interpret issues, situations, texts, ideas, and stories through different techniques.


Students will compose, perform and respond to music. Music programs sharpen students’ ability to think critically, and explore their emotional understanding to the music they listen to, create, or perform.

Visual Arts

Students develop their creativity and ability to communicate their understanding of the world around them. They sharpen their skills of observation, imagination, and invention. Students explore a wide range of forms, genres, and styles.

Media Arts

Students create art works using technology, and explore topics through integrated media. They develop collaborative skills that support them in becoming future ready.
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