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Fee Schedule IES
Fee Schedule
Secondary Students ​19/20
**​Application Fee​ ​$ 300
*​Tuition Fee​ ​$ 14,750
*​Medical Insurance ​$ 450
​**Homestay/Custodianship Fee ​$ 300
*​Homestay/Custodianship Program
(10 months + 2-week orientation program)
​$ 15,750
​**Airport Transfer (one-way) ​$ 150
Homestay/Custodianship Program available to students entering Grade 9 to 12.
Elementary Students 19/20
** Application Fee $ 300​​
​* Tuition Fee $ 13,000​​
* Medical Insurance $ 450​
All fees are payable in Canadian Currency.

Fees can be paid in two ways:

  1. Within Canada, payment by money order, bank draft or certified cheque​ payable to York Region District School Board
  2. Outside of Canada, payment by electronic wire transfer must be made via the WU® GlobalPay for Students payments platform. This approved and reliable service allows you to pay in local currency ensuring payments will be received on time and in full.
      *Refundable if the visa is deniedRefundable if the visa is denied
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