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Become a Host/Custodian IES
Become a Host/Custodian

YRDSB offers a robust homestay/custodianship program where hundreds of international visa students are placed each semester for their study duration. These students are interested in a full immersion experience where they can improve their English skills and experience Canadian culture first hand.

If you are interested in an enriching experience, by hosting an international visa student you will: 

  • learn about other countries and cultures

  • learn about your own environment through a visitor’s eyes

  • form new friendships

  • foster respect for our global community

  • recapture youthful energy 

Can you provide? 

  • custodianship support

  • caring, comfortable accommodation for a student

  • an English speaking environment

  • opportunities for the student to participate in family life and local activities

  • integration of an international student into your family

  • a private room, three meals per day plus snacks (it is recommended that Canada's Food Guide is followed to ensure that nutritious and well-balanced meals are provided)

  • easy access to a secondary school in York Region on foot or by public transit

Role of the Host/Custodian

The host/custodian will provide regular care, support and supervision to the student at all times. This includes school-related, personal and medical emergencies as required.

How to Apply

Complete the application and submit it to Once received, if hosting requirements are met, you may be contacted and an interview arranged at your home.

If the application is approved, anyone living in the home, age 18 to 79 will be required to undergo a Police Vulnerable Sector (PVSC). The cost of the PVSC is at each applicant's expense. 

Please note, the following home accommodations will not be considered:

  • basement

  • homes with tenants (renters/boarders)



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