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Homestay and Custodianship Fees IES
Homestay and Custodianship Fees
​Service ​​Fee
*  ​Homestay ​& Custodianship ​$15,000 (school year, 2 semesters)
*  Homestay & Custodianship ​$15,750 (school year, 2 semesters + 2-weeks during orientation program)
​** Application Fee ​​$ 300


*A request to withdraw from the YRDSB Homestay & Custodianship Program must be made in writing by the student’s parents and approved by the Principal. If approved the student is immediately no longer eligible to reside with the Homestay Family and all obligations and responsibilities for the student are relinquished. The Homestay Placement Fee will not be refunded. A financial penalty equal to five months of the fee will apply. A refund of the must be requested in writing by completing a Refund Request Form and submitting it to the Principal.

*Non-refundable, except when the visa is denied.
** Non-refundable

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