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World Classroom Program IES
World Classroom Program

This is a specialized program available to school groups overseas which have partnered with York Region District School Board.

Each year YRDSB schools welcome into their elementary classrooms international students who participate in the World Classroom Program. The program matches a local student/family (Grade 6 to 8) ​​with a visiting student, and for a period of four to six weeks they live and study together.

Participation in the program is life-changing and enriches the lives of both the visiting student and the hosting student and his/her family.

Since 2005, local teachers, students and their families have had the opportunity to learn about another country and culture and made life-long friends by hosting an international student in their schools and homes.

If you are interested in this enriching experience, by hosting an international visa student you will: 

  • learn about other countries and cultures

  • learn about your own environment through a visitor’s eyes

  • form new friendships

  • foster respect for our global community

  • recapture youthful energy 

Host families of a World Classroom Program participant are required to have a child attending a YRDSB elementary school, and meet the conditions of a regular host family​​​​​​​



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